User Experience Designer

Research, Visual, Iteration

"There is no such thing as a boring project. There are only boring executions."
- Irene Etzkorn
Everything started whenI was 8 years old and my dad put me in front of a computer: the first software she ever used was Paint and I dived immediately into the infinite possible combinations of colors and shapes.
Once a teenager, I started to design my personal blog and the ones of my friends. 
Since then, I never stopped being interested in designing beautiful interfaces and products.
I specializes in UX Research and Product Design. I aim to put my passion for design and creative thinking to create human-centered interfaces that can empower users to reach their goals. 
Three words to describe myself: adventurous, resourceful and witty.
Skills and Talents
⚙️ Design Thinking (check how my Process works)
🖼️ Visual Design and Composition (I enjoy making lots of art in my spare time)
📐 Wireframing and Prototyping (of course you can have a preview !)
🧪 Usability Testing
📄 Microcopy for Huge Impact
🤹‍♀️ Facilitation for Crossfunctional teams
🏃 Agile and Lean UX
Extra Flavors
👾 Passionated gamer (especially Modern Retro and Roguelike)
🖖 🧙 Enthusiastic Trekker (I would definitely be a Bajoran) and Potterhead (I would be assigned to Ravenclaw 100%)
📚 Bookworm (need inspo for the next UX book to read? I've got you covered)
🧘 Amateur Yogini
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